Barrier-free apartment / flat in Stuttgart south for sale, in the green and in optimal location and hight.
And: barrier-free shopping.

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barrier-free apartment / flat in Stuttgart in the green


View in the green from your barrier-free apartment / flat in Stuttgart south, Asemwald

Breakfast, lunch or dinner - you sit at the table und look directly in the green (south side).

The trees have the ideal distance to your balcony. Far enough away,
so that you do not feel impaired or disturbed, but still so close,
that you have every 4 seasons including the animal world belonging to.

In the e.g. 18. or 20. floor you can see - sitting at the table - mainly the sky.
If you want to enjoy the farsighted view you better visit the hights restaurant.

Due to the fact that the area below the balcony is not usable, you stay in best tranquility and idyll.

The shopping centre can be reached directly in front of the house entrance barrier-free.
With the shopping cart or rollator you can take your procurement in your apartment / flat.

An other advantage is that you can reach the house entrance by car.
Disabled parking place is in front.

Please keep in mind that the underground car park can be reached
barrier-free by car access and that the balcony door has a ground threshold.



 View to north towards Fernsehturm (in the rainbow) ...

... from the bedroom window (north side) or from the kids-/guest-/working- room window.

view to north



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